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You can make a page on any type of hat!

Welcome to the Funky Hats WikiEdit

The Funky Hats Wiki is a wiki not only for hats, but also for helmets, hoods and any type of headgear you can find or think up! Please add pictures to all the pages you make and a bit of info on that headgear.

What do you do?Edit

This wiki needs articles so if you have a hat and you want it to be on this wiki, make the page! If you're planning to make lots of edits or pages click on the Sign Up button to make an account! If you already have one that you're using on a different wiki, guess what! You can also use it on this wiki!


When you're making a page it must be a type of headgear. It can be a normal hat, a hat from a video game, a hair accesory or any hat you've ever seen! Please don't graffiti pages and if you want to comment on a page, please put it on the talk page of that page. While your editing, why don't you personalize your userpage (this is a sugestion, not a rule).